Free Agency Blueprint: HOU

How to land LeBron: 

The top team in the NBA regular season only have $80,442,936 in contracts for next year, allowing them lots of flexibility in free agency, where Darryl Morey and Co. will do their magic to maximize this roster. This will take several players to take pay cuts in order to make this superteam work, including LeBron James, Chris Paul and Clint Capela. Assembling this team makes the Rockets out of this world, expected to shatter the NBA regular season record with 77 wins. This team would be favored against the Warriors in the West and, if the numbers work out, the best option for LeBron James this summer.

Projected Starting Five: Chris Paul, James Harden, Trevor Ariza, LeBron James, Clint Capela

Projected Record: 77-5


LeBron James                 .221                                 14.0                                $28,000,000

Chris Paul                        .265                                 10.2                                  $5,910,432

Clint Capela                     .242                                 10.2                                  $5,910,432

Trevor Ariza                   .113                                   5.2                                   $2,375,700

Tarik Black                      .136                                   1.5                                   $1,609,100

Gerald Green                  .107                                    2.1                                   $2,375,700

Luc Mbah a Moute        .086                                    2.8                                   $2,375,700

James Harden .289 15.4 $30,431,854
Ryan Anderson .132 4.8 $20,421,546
Eric Gordon .105 4.7 $13,500,375
P.J. Tucker .082 3.9 $7,969,537
Nene Hilario .163 2.6 $3,651,480
Chinanu Onuaku -.147 -0.1 $1,544,951
Zhou Qi -.104 -0.3 $1,378,242
Troy Williams $1,544,951
Team Totals 77.0 Win Shares $129,000,000





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