Cavaliers should trade for DeAndre Jordan

All reports out of Cleveland indicate the Cavs are desperately in need of a major change since their offseason moves are not working out leading up to the trade deadline. So much has been put on Isaiah Thomas not playing up to the standard Kyrie Irving set at the point guard position, maybe it is time for Cleveland to cut their losses on the short-lived (14-game) IT Experiment and send both pieces from the Celtics trade, Thomas and Jae Crowder, plus Channing Frye (an expiring $7.4 million contract) and a lower cost salary in Cedi Osman (2-years, $5.7 million) to the Los Angeles Clippers for Jordan and Patrick Beverley and not disrupt their championship core further.

Jordan answers a question at center and allows Love to play off the block when he is back from injury. Tristan Thompson can start at power forward until then on a strong defensive frontcourt and then backup Jordan at center when Love returns. Beverley gives the Cavs a gritty point guard with playoff experience and has outplayed Thomas so far this season–and with Thomas looking for a big raise this summer, Beverley offers a more stable option under contract through next season at $5.0 million. The scoring load would increase for James, Smith, Wade and especially Love on his return to fitness unless they move for another scoring option meanwhile, but Jordan seems like a nice fit alongside the two “non-conventional” bigs in Love and Thompson.


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