Daily Predictions – Monday November 27


(12-7) Cleveland Cavaliers  110

(11-7) Philadelphia 76ers       109

[Cleveland 113-91]

Record: 2-3 (3-2)


Lakers bring Lopez back to L.A.

As reported by The Vertical, the Lakers will trade Timofey Mozgov and D’Angelo Russell for the 27th pick in Thursday’s draft and Brook Lopez, who will make $22,642,350 in 2017-18, the last year of his deal. Mozgov is due $48,000,000 over the next three seasons, while Russell will play the last guaranteed year of his rookie deal at $5,562,360–the Nets will have options on his contract for the next two seasons.

At 21 years old, Russell has played 143 games and averaged 28 minutes per game.



NBA G-League

Edy Tavares played 2 games with the Cavaliers last season and 11 with the Hawks the year before. He also played 48 games in the G League and posted a .219 WSP48.




Kevon Looney played 4 games (.288 WSP48) in G League, 28.6 TRB% and 26.3 ORB% led the league. He also had the second highest PER at 30.7 and 98 DRtg. In 53 NBA games with the Warriors last season, Looney posted .155 WSP48, 103 DRtg and 15.2 TRB%. He will make $1.47 million this year and the Warriors have a team option for 2018-19 at $2.23 million.






Keith Benson, Jr. led the NBDL in Win Shares (7.5) and WSP48 (.224) last season while averaging 20.5 points, 10.5 rebounds and 2.5 blocks per game. He played a total of 50 games. Why hasn’t he played in the NBA since his 9 minutes with the Warriors in March 2012?




Dakari Johnson signed a two-year, $2.19 million contract with the Thunder last week and will be an NBA rookie after two seasons in the G League. Last year, he posted 5.9 Win Shares and .198 WSP48 in 49 games. The Thunder hope he can use his 7-foot frame to help protect the paint.



Quinn Cook was third in Win Shares last season at 5.2. He posted 26.0 points and 6.7 assists in 39 games in the G League. He also 14 games in the NBA between the Mavericks and Pelicans. In 5 games with the Mavs, he actually recorded a negative Win Score of -0.1. His 9 games with the Pels were much better, when he played above average (.110 WSP48) and had a 0.2 WS. His turnovers were down and shooting was up by taking better shots. The average distance on his shots went down 4.3 feet when he joined the Pels. Cook was waived by the Pels after earning only $50k of his $1.31 million contract.




Marcus Georges-Hunt played 45 games in the G League and posted 5.2 Win Shares and a .153 WSP48. In 5 NBA games with the Magic, he had a .107 WSP48. He was waived by the Magic.




Raul Neto made appearances in 40 games with the Jazz last year, posting an average .100 WSP48, plus 9 postseason games in which he had a .143 WSP48. In 1 G League game, he posted a .351 WSP48 in a dominating 14 point, 12 assist, 9 rebound performance. He has a non guaranteed $1.47 million left on his deal.